Pamela Curran designs Artisan Handcrafted Jewelry

I grew up in New England, USA and was artistic at an early age. I loved creating anything - drawing, painting, sculpting. I would lose myself in my art. I worked in "corporate America" right after school but it bored me.  I was restless and moved around a lot. One of my favorite places to live was Vermont and this is where I started making jewelry.

Even though I didn't like the corporate world, I'm so thankful for my experience because it helped me have the ability to start my own business. I started selling my jewelry wholesale to gift shops and specialty stores throughout VT. It was one of the best experiences of my life. I got to know every area of the state and met some of the most wonderful people. I eventually moved back to Massachusetts to be closer to family but still have strong ties to the Green Mountain State and consider it my second home!

My jewelry has changed and grown over the years. I no longer sell wholesale and do mostly metalwork now.  I hope in exploring my site you find something that catches your eye and delights you. I make every piece myself. The quality is there....and so is the love!